The site of the Great Plaza will be part of the Penn's Landing redesign by the firm Hargreaves in 2013 and is expected to become a park in the future development plan. The design and reengineering for the redevelopment will include the creation of a cap over I-95 and Columbus Boulevard in Old City. The eight-acre Penn’s Landing Park is expected to be the centerpiece of redevelopment envisioned to include private development on DRWC-owned waterfront parcels north and south of the proposed park. The design of the park will negotiate several changes in elevation, cross over I-95 and Columbus Boulevard, connect to Walnut and Chestnut Sts., and descend down to the river’s edge. Its design will allow for strong interaction with new private development at its northern and southern edges as well as accommodate street traffic, surface transit, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The tilted portion of the park is expected to accommodate structured parking below the park surface. The site, bounded by Market and South Sts. and Front St. and the Delaware River, will include the development of a six-acre site at Market Street, redevelopment of the four-acre western and southern edges of the Marina Basin site and extension of the South Street pedestrian bridge to Penn’s Landing (Artistic renderings by © KieranTimberlake/Brooklyn Digital Foundry)