Learn more about the Delaware River Waterfront Corporations's (DRWC) economic impact on the Philadelphia Waterfront and beyond by reviewing the 2023 Economic Impact Report.

 DRWC is leading the transformation of Philadelphia’s Central Delaware River Waterfront into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood and welcoming destination, returning the Waterfront to its legacy as a thriving hub of economic activity — now with the benefits of community, culture, and natural spaces as a diverse, dynamic place to live, work, learn, and play. A growing community and economic hub with historic roots and modern assets, the Waterfront area is primed for continuing progress, development, and expansion through ongoing public and private investments in the immediate term and over the next decade. 
The support of our public and philanthropic partners and advocates continues to be critically important to the success, growth, and sustainability of a thriving Waterfront now and into the future. This report is a summary of “DRWC and the Delaware River Waterfront’s Transformation — Implementation of the Master Plan for the Delaware River Waterfront: 2022 Economic Impact Assessment,” completed in May 2023.