• Enjoy a Scenic Bike Ride Along the Delaware River Trail
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Delaware River Trail

The new Delaware River Trail has become a beloved resource for easy, accessible transit along the Delaware River Waterfront. More than 340,000 pedestrians and cyclists have made the trail their go-to route to explore the city’s cultural and commercial centers and the vibrant Waterfront neighborhoods that run along the 3.3-mile stretch.

With this trail-blazing new public space transforming how people navigate the Philadelphia Waterfront and beyond, you must have fun, be safe, and travel with care! No matter if you bike, walk, skate, or stroll, there is plenty of space for all to experience the waterfront at their own pace. 

With separate zones for cyclists and walkers and joggers, the trail was designed with sharing in mind. With that, here are some safety tips to make part of your daily routine as you explore all the Waterfront has to offer: 

  • Carefully look for cyclists and pedestrians when crossing the trail at driveways and intersections. Also, don’t forget the yield rule in areas where mixing occurs: pedestrians have the right of way, then inline skaters, then cyclists, and then drivers.

  • Cooperate with posted signs and markings designating pedestrian and bicycle areas. The asphalt path is for cyclists and the cement sidewalk is for walkers and joggers.

  • Check your speed. Cyclists, e-scooters, and e-bikes are urged to travel at responsible speeds, especially in areas of high pedestrian activity. 

  • Comply with all signals at intersections.

  • Courteously let others know you want to pass ahead by saying “passing on the left” loudly and clearly or using your bicycle bell.

  • Chatting with a neighbor on the bicycle path? Please move to the side.

  • Collect trash and properly dispose of any animal waste to help keep the trail clean. Also, mind your pets and keep them on a short leash, please.

By keeping these tips in mind as you enjoy the trail, you will make it a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Start using these safety tips today, and share your journey with us using the hashtag #HowITrail on social media.

Before you hit the trails, know that we are working diligently to make your Delaware River Trail experience great. Vehicles with internal combustion engines: scooters, mopeds, dirtbikes, cars, and trucks are not permitted on the trail. Please let us know if you see misuse of the trail by emailing trail@drwc.org

Although motor vehicles are not permitted on the trail, there may be instances where vehicles are unloading deliveries in the trail area. We ask that pedestrians, cyclists, and joggers proceed with caution. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and are working with our partners to ensure clear pathways along the trail.