Washington Avenue is identified as a Primary Connector Street in the Master Plan for the Central Delaware. Washington Avenue is a crucial east-west arterial in the city’s street network and where it meets Columbus Boulevard is one of the busiest intersections in the area.

In its current configuration (with multiple slip streets and wide lanes that encourage cars and trucks to speed) the street functions more as a barrier than a connection for pedestrians and bicyclists coming from the neighborhoods of Pennsport, Queen Village, and other nearby areas to the recently completed park spaces on the other side of the Boulevard, including Washington Avenue Pier, Pier 68, and the Delaware River Trail that connects them.

Designs will be developed by DRWC's multidisciplinary team comprised of Langan Engineering, Andropogon, KSK, Stokes Creative, Drive and the Lighting Practice in close cooperation with the City Streets Department, City Council, and PennDOT as well as with community input, ensuring that once design is complete the project is well positioned to leverage additional funding for construction. 

The effect of completing this project will be an increase and improvement in the connection between the city’s neighborhoods and the waterfront. Creating a safe, well-lit, and beautiful streetscape between the vibrant neighborhoods of Pennsport and Queen Village and the river will repair the division between waterfront and city that Interstate 95 has created for decades and ensure that residents of these neighborhoods understand the waterfront to be a resource for open space, recreation, environmental education, and community. 

Washington Avenue Connector Concepts

These concept plans represent a workable solution for humanizing and harmonizing Washington Avenue’s many different modes of travel from 4th Street east to the river. The overall elements of this concept have been reviewed and...

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