The Washington Avenue Connector is an exciting street enhancement that DRWC is developing to provide a safer, greener Washington Avenue that better connects the residents and visitors of South Philadelphia to the Delaware River Waterfront. 

In 2018, DRWC unveiled concepts for the improvements to Washington Avenue that were based on close coordination with project stakeholders and community input. The vision for the project, which encompasses Washington Avenue from 4th Street to Columbus Boulevard, involves repurposing excess roadway for pedestrians, bicycles, and public use in order to make the roadway safer, more accessible, and more beautiful. Since then, DRWC has been diligently designing, permitting, and fundraising for project implementation. 

Working with the City’s Streets Department, the Connector project is expected to be bid in late 2023 with construction starting in 2024.

Phase 1 upgrades will include: 

  • New curb (with curb bump-outs at intersections) and ADA ramps 
  • Multi-use path and sidewalk along the southern side
  • Reduced crossing widths and four new center median islands 
  • Removal of slip lane from 4th Street  to 3rd Street ( at Jefferson Square Park) and under I-95 
  • Improvements to Washington Avenue and Columbus Boulevard intersection, including a connection between the multi-use path and the Delaware River Trail  
  • Parking-protected westbound bike lane 
  • Traffic signal improvements 
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • New trees and landscaping
  • Repaving Washington Avenue from 4th Street to Columbus Boulevard 

The upgrades to Washington Avenue prioritize bicycle and pedestrian safety along and across Washington Avenue. At four (4) locations, concrete pedestrian islands will be installed in the center median. Wherever possible, the plans shorten the crossing widths along and across the corridor.

The following table summarizes these shortened distances:  

  • 22drwc wac street crossing table
The following will also be designed in conjunction with the corridor improvements:
  • Bicycle enhancements: Designed to integrate with the newly completed Delaware River Trail along Columbus Boulevard, as well as the City’s plans for a redesigned Washington Avenue from 26th Street to 4th Street. DRWC’s project will include a westbound parking-protected bike and a curb-separated, multi-use path on the south side of the Avenue.    

  • Vehicle enhancements: DRWC will mill, resurface and restripe Washington Avenue from 4th Street to Columbus Boulevard according to City-approved and PennDOT-approved designs. New traffic signals will also be installed as a part of the project to enable better signal timing across the corridor. 

Additional landscape investments, trees, raised planters, benches, and tables are planned for the public spaces at either end of the corridor. As more funding becomes available, DRWC intends to add additional trees and amenities along the entire stretch.

Review more detailed plan views for Phase 1 and Full Build scenarios.

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