Frankford Avenue is identified as a Primary Connector Street in the Master Plan for the Central Delaware. As the Fishtown neighborhood has undergone an incredible development boom accompanied by an influx of new residents and visitors, Frankford Avenue’s importance to the neighborhood and the waterfront has only increased.
While the majority of Frankford Avenue’s transformation has happened west and north of Girard Avenue, the stretch proposed here for intervention has seen its own major increase in development. New bars, restaurants, and concert venues have joined several existing neighborhood businesses within the project study area, bringing more visitors and vibrancy to the street. Along with the new businesses, the corridor also hosts two bus routes and a trolley route, making the corridor a destination for even more people from beyond the immediate neighborhood.
DRWC's design team for this project, PORT Urbanism and Hunt Engineering, will be working in close cooperation with the City Streets Department, City Council, SEPTA, and PennDOT as well as with community input, ensuring that once design is complete the project is well positioned to leverage additional funding for construction.
The effect of completing this project will be an increase and improvement in the connection between the city’s neighborhoods and the waterfront. Creating a safe, well-lit, and beautiful streetscape for residents and visitors of the bustling Fishtown neighborhood to the river will repair the division between waterfront and city that Interstate 95 has created for decades and ensure that everyone can access the waterfront as a resource for open space, recreation, environmental education, and community.