Video: Ryan Navazio; Music Score: Jeff Familetti

DRWC is excited to announce the Waterfront Arts Debut Installation featuring a new, large-scale public art light and water Ghost Ship slated to make its debut this October 4 through November 3 at Race Street Pier

This 90ft, site-specific Ghost Ship will appear under the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, as a three-dimensional hologram. This will be the North American premiere of the piece by European-based Biangle Studio

Commissioned by DRWC and curated by Ryan Strand Greenberg, Ghost Ship will be complemented by a self-guided audio tour highlighting the history and various narratives of the Delaware River. 

Ghost Ship is a reflection of the goals for new public art and creative programming as part of the Waterfront Arts Program which includes:

  • Embracing the evolution of the Delaware River Waterfront and its unique properties

  • Creating new experiences and relationships for people to share in along the Delaware River Waterfront

  • To celebrate our city’s rich diversity, art, and culture

  • Serving as a catalyst for education and stewardship

  • Exploring a broad range of types, scales, forms, and frequency of art 

The Waterfront Arts Program and Ghost Ship is funded by the William Penn Foundation.

Artist: Biangle Studio
Curated By: Ryan Strand Greenberg
Engineering: Pennoni
Construction: AP Construction
Produced By: Delaware River Waterfront Corporation
Supported By: William Penn Foundation and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Sound Engineering By: Noah Donnelly and Ben Cassorla
Composed By: Jon Anderson
Project Manager: Maria Möller
Programming Manager: Dianne Loftis
Fabricator: Consortium Eventtechnik

  • Ghost Ship
    Matt Stanley
  • Ghost Ship
    Matt Stanley
  • 1910 drwc ghostship 5702
    Matt Stanley
  • Ghost Ship
    Matt Stanley
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