Strategic Partners


CDAG is a group of representatives from 15 riverfront community organizations that serve as stewards for the central Delaware. They are the DRWC’s primary civic engagement partner for the project. The group advocates to government and encourages the participation of the public. CDAG is committed to working to advance the implementation of the values and principles outlined in the Civic Vision for the Central Delaware. Throughout the master planning process, CDAG members will play an important role in generating excitement about the master plan within the riverfront communities.


The City of Philadelphia is an essential partner in the master planning process. Representatives from many city departments are intimately involved with the plan; and, as partners, these representatives continuously share expert advice with the planning team. These partnerships will make certain that the master plan is aligned with departmental and city-wide goals.


The state has played an important role in helping to implement many of the early actions for the central Delaware riverfront. Most recently, the state has provided ongoing technical advice and funding for both the Race Street Pier and Pier 53 projects. As a partner in the master planning effort, the state will verify that the final planning recommendations align with Pennsylvania’s stated ecological, economic, and community goals.


PEC has been actively working to create new recreation opportunities along the central Delaware River. In terms of activities, every summer PEC organizes a successful paddle boating and kayaking program at Penn’s Landing. In terms of policy, PEC has been a leader in developing initiatives that will work to protect and restore the health of our waterways and built environment. Specifically, PEC is working on completing the East Coast Greenway (a 2,000-mile bicycle trail along the east coast) through Philadelphia as well as Bucks and Chester Counties. PEC also plays a leading role in the Delaware Direct Watershed Advisory Group. PEC will lend its expertise and experience, making sure that the master plan addresses environmental challenges.


For many years, PHS has played an important role in a variety of waterfront initiatives — PHS has landscaped Delaware Avenue, organized festivals and tours, and successfully coordinated public outreach for a variety of early action projects. As a vital partner in the master planning effort, PHS will help ensure that the voices of Philadelphia’s citizens are heard. Currently PHS is managing the Race Street Connector project and assisting DRWC in public outreach for the Master Plan, Race Street Pier, and Pier 53 projects.


PennPraxis’ involvement with the master planning effort establishes that the values and principles derived from the visioning process completed in 2007 will be carried through to the master plan. Additionally, PennPraxis, along with PHS, will work with the master plan team to guarantee that the master planning process incorporates robust and diverse civic engagement opportunities.


The William Penn Foundation plays a major role in shaping policy throughout the Philadelphia region and providing strategic, intellectual and financial resources to help guide the city and region’s sustainable future. As a strategic partner, the Foundation is dedicated to seeing the implementation of the master plan.