Published on October 16 2020

Hey Philly, we’re dishing out some tough love! 

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We want to make sure you stay safe while we create a brand-new, state-of-the-art Delaware River Trail. So, all you biker, jogger, power-walking rebels beware, because we’re laying down the law - PAY ATTENTION TO THE BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN DETOUR SIGNS ALONG COLUMBUS BOULEVARD! (For those of you who adhere to the safety standards, gold stars all around!)

The signs aren’t decoration-- they're there to protect you and the awesome contractors who are diligently working to transform the Trail into a safe place for pedestrian and biker-friendly travel.

We’re doing this because we love you, Philly. So, do us a favor and read the signs and follow the detour. We know it’s an inconvenience but a little patience now will pay off in the long run. Trust us, the Trail will be amazing. Just look at how far we’ve already come already: 
So, the next time you’re in recreational bliss along Columbus Boulevard and you come across one of our detour signs…
  • Stop in the name of safety and read the signs before you take another step. 
  • Abide, Abide, Abide to the rules, and avoid active work zones and closed travel lanes.
  • When you see a  sign, open up your eyes and follow the bicycle and pedestrian detour. Northbound cyclists are not to use Columbus Boulevard. 
Just a little while longer, Philly, and we’ll enjoy physically-distanced high-fives and fist bumps at the Trail’s ribbon-cutting in 2021. Until then, follow the guidelines outlined above and learn all about the Central Delaware River Trail and other awesome projects coming down the pike!

Hello, it’s DRWC, and we’ve been wondering after all these months if you’d like to drop us a line? If so, please send inquiries or reports of unsafe conditions for motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians to