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Executive Leadership

Joseph A. Forkin
Jodie Milkman
Executive Vice President

Planning and Development 

Christopher Dougherty
Planner/Project Manager

Karen Thompson
Director of Planning
Lizzie Woods
Vice President, Planning and Capital Programs



Joe Augustus
Senior Field Manager
Tyrell Laws
Acting Site Foreman

Timothy Lynch
Technical Director

Ben Rantuccio
Parking Manager

M. Kofi Smith
Event Operations Manager
Lavelle Young
Vice President, Operations

Parks and Programming

Jaziree Camilo
Parks and Attractions Coordinator

Sarah Eberle
Creative Director  

Jackie Lai
Director of Parks and Attractions 

Donna Rehawi
Office Manager of Parks

Ricky Zhou
Parks and Attractions Coordinator

Communications and Marketing

Mike Barone
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
Sharon Tice DelCotto
Corporate Partnerships

Jarreau Freeman
Senior Digital Communications Manager

Nicole Paloux
PR Specialist

Jasmine Wiggins
Content Creator


Larry Bell
Chief Financial Officer 
Jessica Cornish
Senior Accounting Specialist 
Laura Winchester
Accounting Specialist 


Gina Angela DiBiase
Assistant to the President
John Kosick
IT Specialist

Sarah Weisenberger 
Human Resources

Yolanda Young
Customer Service/Monthly Parking Manager