South Wetlands Park Project 

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The Master Plan for the Central Delaware included a recommendation for the establishment of a “wetlands park," stretching between a series of abandoned piers along the river, south of Washington Avenue. The southern section of the waterfront offers a unique opportunity to enhance and revive the area’s resiliency and ecological vitality.

DRWC began this work with the construction of two new pier parks at the northern and southern boundaries of the proposed wetlands park: Washington Avenue Pier, which opened in 2014 and Pier 68, which opened in 2015. The long-term vision for the southern waterfront is to link these completed parks with the construction of new wetlands and improve the ecological habitat between them. To advance the connection between the two parks, the South Wetlands Park project will focus on the area just south of the base of Tasker Street through Pier 70 Boulevard, encompassing Piers 64, 67, 68, and 70. The finished park will not only offer new open space and waterfront access but also environmental education and stewardship opportunities and will serve as a unique model for urban ecological restoration.

In the late summer of 2019, DRWC selected OLIN Studio along with their team of environmental and engineering professionals to undertake a structural evaluation of the pier, develop an innovative and sensitive design concept, and lead a robust community engagement process. The project kicked off with a community science BioBlitz led by environmental scientists from Applied Ecological Services. The event offered an opportunity for community members and stakeholders to interact with the waterfront ecology while providing feedback to the design team.

Further opportunities for community feedback and engagement will be announced soon.