The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC), along with its partners, the Interstate Land Management Corporation (ILMC) and the Association for Public Art (aPA), are pleased to present the Foglietta Plaza Phase One Final Report.
The report, which can be downloaded below, outlines the process and findings of a nine-month planning effort focused on Foglietta Plaza, an important but underutilized and oft-forgotten public open space in the Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, and the potential placement within it of a collection of artwork, known as the International Sculpture Garden, that is owned by aPA.  
  • Foglietta Plaza concept comparison
  • Foglietta Plaza framing eye level rendering
  • Foglietta Plaza framing rendering
  • Foglietta Plaza framing site plan
  • Foglietta Plaza looping eye level rendering
  • Foglietta Plaza looping rendering
  • Foglietta Plaza looping site plan
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