The Columbus Monument was built and placed at its current location in 1992 by the America 500 Anniversary Corporation. The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) inherited control and maintenance of the monument as part of DRWC’s mission to maintain public amenities along the waterfront, following the dissolution of the non-profit entity responsible for its construction.

DRWC recognizes that the Columbus Monument is a focus of controversy and pain for many people in the Philadelphia region and around the country as it fails to address atrocities committed against Indigenous People. With this understanding, the monument does not align with DRWC’s mission to create and maintain a safe and welcome space for all.

We are committed to listening and moving in a direction that will begin the healing process through robust public engagement. This engagement process will involve many stakeholders, one of which is the City of Philadelphia. This process may lead to a range of options for the monument, including its removal. 

Until the process is resolved, the base of the monument will be covered in an effort to protect public safety, reduce continued pain, and to act as a platform for meaningful engagement.