Sunday May 03

Virtual Sundays with PopUpPlay
05/03 – 06/28

  • Sunday's with PopUp Play

Experience the ultimate Virtual Sunday Funday with PopUpPlay and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. For the next three weeks, PopUpPlay will host live, interactive, family-friendly playtime online. We'll celebrate the magic of play and light up our imaginations using everyday household materials. 

The live sessions will be facilitated via Zoom and require access to a computer, tablet, and cellphone with a microphone and video capabilities.  This event is FREE, but slots are limited. Reserve your space today!


May 3: Build It 
Gather whatever building materials you have in your home (empty cereal boxes and tape, toothpicks and marshmallows or a big pile of Legos) and together we'll challenge you to create something amazing. Think: parachutes, vehicles, and tremendous towers!

May 10: Puppet Design
Together, we'll create a cast of amazing puppets using household items. Bring an old pair of socks, a paper bag or a wooden spoon and a few simple craft supplies to the screen and we'll help you bring them to life. This session concludes with a big show, created by you!

May 17: Build a Boat
Gather basic materials like paper clips and tin foil or cardboard and tape. We'll explore how diverse materials can be transformed into floating vessels.    

May 24: Beach Party
It's Memorial Day Weekend and we want to celebrate! We'll play summery beach themed games right in your living room. See you there!

May 31: Slime Science
Are you a Slime expert? A Slime novice? Come to our Slime making party and we'll create gooey creations together.

June 7: Let's go Fly a Kite
We'll help you and your family design flying objects with household materials.

June 14: Rube Goldberg Machines
Design your own cause and effect structure using household materials

June 21: Obstacle Courses
We'll design challenging obstacle courses using your own home. Together we'll dream up ways to make your course amazing.

June 28: Making Music
Design and build your own working musical instruments. Together we'll even write and perform our own songs. Karaoke anyone? 

We will continue to share the beauty, culture, and spirit of the #PhillyWaterfront with you so when the time is right, you can visit once again. 

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