Friday Apr 19

The Academy of Natural Sciences presents “Confluence: Earthy Films for Philadelphia”

Join us for the opening celebration of The Academy of Natural Sciences presents “Confluence: Earthy Films for Philadelphia” on Friday, April 19 from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Pier.

Tickets are Free. Registration required.

5:30 pm:
Happy Hour with DJ Junior and Lil Dave of Eavesdrop Radio (WKDU) — Pay-as-you-go food and drinks will be available 
7 pm: Film Screening featuring Midnight Oil (2020) and Trash & Burn (2024) directed by Bilal Motley
8 pm: Post-screening discussion featuring

The Academy of Natural Sciences debuts Confluence: Earthly Films for Philadelphia – an environmentally focused film festival in partnership with esteemed Philadelphia-area film organizations, including the BlackStar Projects, Bryn Mawr Film Institute, cinéSPEAK, the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, and the Philadelphia Latino Arts and Film Festival. 

This year’s weekend-long festival showcases a series of feature, short, and documentary films by local, national, and international filmmakers whose work raises awareness of water-related environmental justice and climate change issues across the globe. Each program will feature a panel discussion with filmmakers, scientists, and advocates, illuminating how community-driven resistance and advocacy efforts help us envision and enact alternatives to the climate crisis. This festival runs Friday, April 19 - Sunday, April 21 at locations throughout the city

About Bilal Motley
Bilal Motley is a writer, producer, actor, husband, and father from the Greater Philadelphia Area. Bilal's work focuses on environmental issues and the intersections of class and race. Learn more about his work.

Featured Films

Midnight Oil
Director: Bilal Motley / 18 min / English / 2020
For nearly fifteen years, Bilal worked as a steelworker at the area’s largest oil refinery. His documentary film, Midnight Oil, draws on this experience. The film chronicles his struggle to reconcile his love and kinship for his distressed refinery brothers and sisters and his growing awareness of the surrounding communities of color, fighting for environmental justice.

Trash & Burn
Director: Bilal Motley / 18 min / English / 2024
The film highlights the 30-year struggle led by Zulene Mayfield in Chester, Pennsylvania, against the United States’ largest trash incinerator. This facility, which processes waste from as far as Canada and Puerto Rico, has deeply affected Chester’s predominantly Black community, illustrating a severe case of environmental racism.

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