Sunday Jul 23

Pockets of Light presented by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation
07/23 – 09/30


Join us for the Waterfront-wide exhibition Pockets of Light commissioned by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) in partnership with local artists Julie “Juicebox” Woodard and Eric The Puzzler. On display July 23 through September.


In order to grow, we all need a little light. The Delaware River Waterfront Trail provides just that—for both people and nature. Through a series of hand-and machine-stitched artworks made from post-consumer materials, mixed media textile artist Julie “Juicebox” Woodard depicts native flowering plants found along the Delaware River, as well as the river itself.

On four public piers (Spruce Street Harbor ParkRace Street Pier, Cherry Street Pier, Washington Avenue Pier, and Pier 68), these flower installations are accompanied by site-specific interactive activities created by experienced designer Eric The Puzzler. Through eye-catching artwork, unique puzzles, local natural history, and participation prizes, the creators aim to augment the nurturing effects of the Waterfront and help locals and visitors alike forge a deeper connection with their surroundings.

 Know Before You Go

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