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Delaware River Trail
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The Project's Progress 

Location: Central Delaware Waterfront
Status: Construction  
Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2021
The Delaware River Trail (DRT) is a critical element of the Master Plan for the Central Delaware. The completed multi-use trail will run from Oregon Avenue in the south to Allegheny Avenue in the north, a distance of 5.5 miles. It will connect with other regional and city-wide trails such as the East Coast Greenway and the Spring Garden Greenway, making it a key part of The Circuit. It will run both on-road (in the center section of the project area) and off-road directly along the river (in the north and south sections of the project area). The trail will create seamless access to all of the public spaces that DRWC has either completed or is planning on building in the future.
Key design elements for the trail include:
  • Bi-directional bike lanes separated from bi-direction walking/running lanes where possible
  • Plantings to create buffers between the road and the new trail and between the modes of pedestrian traffic
  • Increased stormwater management through new inlets and strategic garden beds
  • Solar lighting and new furniture 
  • Easier access to public, commercial, and residential spaces along the trail
The current construction of the DRT focuses on the section between Penn Treaty Park and Pier 68, dividing that length into three sections: the North Trail, from Penn Treaty Park to Spring Garden Street, the Central Section from Spring Garden Street to Washington Avenue, and the South Section from Washington Avenue to Pier 68.  While this current construction is underway, DRWC continues to actively work with private landowners and funding partners to acquire land and easements north and south to build the trail to its final length.
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