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Spruce Street Harbor Park
301 S. Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Spruce Street Harbor Park is closed for the season.

Spruce Street Harbor Park makes for cool, summertime memories, with colorful hammocks, floating gardens, beautiful tree lights, local craft beers, and delicious food from some of Philadelphia’s most popular restaurants. Whether you want to chill with friends under the illuminated trees or enjoy the fresh breeze out on the Barge Oasis, Spruce Street Harbor Par has is all. Sign up for our email list to be notified about the start of the Summer 2021 season.  

Outdoor Dining

  • Univest Presents Bright Lights, Our City
  • photo jul 25 3 44 53 pm
  • photo jul 25 3 53 20 pm



Celebrate Autumn at Fall Fest!

Celebrate the smells, taste, and colors of Autumn at Fall Fest at Spruce Street Park Sustained by Univest. Enjoy a weekend jam-packed with free enterainment, not to mention, our amazing fall beer list. Don't miss it!