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Can I buy my tickets online? Am I buying tickets for a certain departure time? Do I need to buy them in advance?
Yes, you can buy them online or at the ticket booth. All tickets are general admission and can be used at any point. Please note that the ticketing system does not accept American Express or Discover credit cards.
Are the tickets round trip?
Yes, all of our tickets are roundtrip!
Does the RiverLink Ferry run longer during concert nights?
Yes, the RiverLink Ferry runs on an extended schedule for all concertgoers at the BB&T Pavilion (formerly Susquehanna Bank Center).
What does an extended schedule for concerts mean?
As opposed to leaving every hour, the ferry will run as quickly as it can when the demand is there by concertgoers. The ferry fits approximately 520 people, so loading and unloading passengers can be time-consuming. An extended schedule means that the Ferry can make approximately 2 round trips per hour. 

Does the ferry operate when it rains?
Yes, the ferry runs rain or shine. The only time we would suspend service is if there’s lightning directly over Penn’s Landing/Camden. These squalls move up and down the river so quickly that at the most it’s a 5 minutes delay until it’s either further up/down the river and we resume service.
How long does it take to get to the other side?
The ferry takes 15-20 minutes to get to the side during our normal scheduled hours.


If you buy tickets online, how do you get the wristband for the roundtrip?

Those who purchase the BB&T Concert & Event ticket online or through the mobile app will receive their wristband for a round-trip at the boarding gate when their printed ticket or smartphone is scanned by one of the deckhands for entry.

Note: Customers must have their printed ticket if they order through the website or mobile browser. We are unable to look up tickets by order number at the gate. Customers with only the order confirmation page and not the printed tickets will need to go to the ticket booth and have one of our ticket agents print their tickets for them. If a customer is not in a position to print their tickets or would like to purchase on their phone, it is recommended that they use the mobile app. All tickets are stored on the app for easy access and we can scan right off of the smartphone.
What’s the difference between the regular Adult/Child/Senior Ticket and a Concert & Event Ticket?
The $9 Adult and $7 Children/Senior tickets are only valid for travel during the ferry’s regular business hours of 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM (7:00 PM) on weekends. The $11 BB&T Concert/Event Service ticket is for customers using the ferry outside of its regularly scheduled hours. This ticket comes with a Concert Service Wristband for easy travel between Philadelphia and New Jersey. Customers are encouraged to wear and keep this wristband on them as it will serve as their ticket on the way home after the concert. If the wristband is lost, the customer must purchase a new one at the end of the evening. After 7 PM regular service tickets are no longer honored. Customers who purchase online or through the mobile app will receive their wristbands as they board the vessel.
Where does the RiverLink Ferry dock in Camden?
The Ferry docks next to the Adventure Aquarium, and is an 8-minute walk to the BB&T Pavilion.
Does the RiverLink Ferry run after the show is over?
Yes, the RiverLink Ferry continues running until 30 minutes after the concert. Please note that the lines will be long when a concert is over, and the ferry may have to make multiple trips to accommodate all riders.
Will I be left in Camden?
No, the Ferry will not strand passengers who are in line.
What's the Adventure Aquarium + Ferry package?
Details and ticket purchase through the Adventure Aquarium website
Do you have group sales?
Yes! Please fill out our online form and a ferry attendant will get back to you. 
Why don't you have more than one ferry?
DRWC lacks the suitable infrastructure to house a second ferry.
Is the RiverLink Ferry ADA accessible?
Yes, the RiverLink Ferry, docks, and ramps are ADA accessible.
Can I bring my bicycle on the Ferry?
Is there a public bathroom on the Ferry?
Where can I park to catch the RiverLink Ferry?
Multiple parking lots and some street parking is available on both sides of the river. Details are on the website. 
Can I bring coolers and chairs on the RiverLink Ferry?
Yes, you can bring coolers and chairs onto the ferry, however, no alcohol may be consumed on the ferry.
Are animals allowed on the RiverLink Ferry?
Dogs and other pets are permitted onboard the RiverLink Ferry. All dogs must be kept on a leash and attended at all times. The RiverLink Ferry recognizes that there are pets who by virtue either of training or lack of training and socialization—especially in combination with a genetic predisposition to be wary of strangers, uncomfortable with traveling onboard the ferry, aggressive toward other animals and/or predatory toward other animals—may pose serious threats if inadequately supervised and controlled by their guardians. Excluding service animals, the RiverLink Ferry reserves the right to refuse accommodations to any pets that may cause issues or harm to other passengers.
Will the RiverLink Ferry be running in September?
Yes, the Ferry will be running on a limited schedule, with service on weekends and during concerts at the BB&T Pavilion.
I have other questions about the Ferry, who can I talk to?
Please email us at riverlinkferry@drwc.org.