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    Matt Stanley
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Pier 68
1751 S Columbus Blvd
Importance of Waterfront Development & Pier 68
Pier 68 and Washington Avenue Pier serve as bookends to the southern portion of the Delaware River TrailA recent land acquisition means that DRWC is one step away from building out the trail to its full specifications, including separate bike and pedestrian facilities, beautiful landscaping, and distinctive furnishings and lighting. 
Natural Lands Trust, the region’s oldest and largest land conservation organization, has played a critical role in helping to negotiate and acquire these parcels, and will continue to work with DRWC to acquire the final parcel and eventually create interpretive design and programmatic elements to enhance the entire southern section of the Waterfront.
The final trail will not only connect the two parks in the south, but it will eventually span much of the Central Delaware River Waterfront, allowing residents to travel north-south along the Delaware River. The trail will connect with the East Coast Greenway and the Spring Garden Greenway, making it an integral part of The Circuit. Pier 68 also serves a community that has traditionally been cut off from the waterfront and creates a safe place for waterfront recreation.
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