Friday Oct 09

Happen upon creative experiences designed with physical distancing in mind with Testing Grounds running October 9 through November 6 at Cherry Street Pier and Race Street Pier.

Testing Grounds is an exhibition and series of happenings taking place along the Philly Waterfront that brings a diverse group of 20 emerging Philadelphia artists and collectives into conversation with the public as an unfixed site and community that holds infinite realities.

Each of the artists is tackling the large and unwieldy subject of 'the public' in remarkable, thoughtful ways. They raise questions about historical use of public space, concerns about the current intersection of identity and public, and posit dreams and visions of a new public.

The artists were given minimal direction and maximum opportunity to imagine their practice in a larger context, both spatially and in terms of audience. The result is a wide array of site-specific happenings and installations alongside works of art placed throughout the adjacent piers.

This exhibition offers a way to see and experience art while maintaining physical distancing. Instead of announcing most of the performances, they will not be advertised in order to avoid large gatherings. Encounters with the works will primarily be a matter of chance.

To learn more about Testing Grounds, follow @testinggroundsphilly on social media.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Safety Enhancements

THE DELAWARE RIVER WATERFRONT CORPORATION'S (DRWC) HIGHEST PRIORITY IS THE SAFETY AND WELL-BEING OF OUR STAFF, PARTNERS, AND VISITORS. As valued members of the Waterfront community, we hope that you are safe and sound during...

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  • Connie Fu Jungmok Yi
    Connie Fu Jungmok Yi


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