Thursday Jun 06

See the sky in a new light with Blue Sky or Sky Blue? an interactive public art installation by Andrew Herzog at Race Street Pier!

Explore the spectrum of color in the sky with Blue Sky or Sky Blue? This installation is made up of a series of free-standing wooden structures that supports large mirrors. These mirrors are elevated at a variety of angles to reflect only the sky. These structures act as instruments of measurement, creating the opportunity to see the sky not simply as blue or not blue, but observe the color changing dynamically throughout short periods of time as you walk through the installation.


Saturday, June 15 from 12-4PM

The Franklin Institute will be on site to talk to guests about the science of color. Guests can try mixing their very own 'sky blue' color as well as creating colors that have never been seen before! These activities will act as a companion to the art installation, Blue Sky or Blue Sky? Helping guests understand the science behind the reflective art piece.

To learn more, visit! #BlueSkyorSkyBlue


Artist: Andrew Herzog

Curator: Ryan Strand Greenberg

Sponsor: Philadelphia Science Festival

Location: Race Street Pier 190 N Christopher Columbus Blvd

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