RIverlink ferry system faq

What is the RiverLink Ferry Schedule?
Does the RiverLink Ferry run longer during concert nights?
Yes, the RiverLink Ferry runs on an extended schedule for all concertgoers at the BB&T Pavilion (formerly Susquehanna Bank Center).
What does extended schedule for concerts mean?
As opposed to leaving every hour, the ferry will run as quickly as it can when the demand is there by concertgoers. The ferry fits approximately 520 people, so loading and unloading passengers can be time consuming. An extended schedule means that the Ferry can make approximately 2 round trips per hour. 
Where does the RiverLink Ferry dock in Camden?
The Ferry docks next to the Adventure Aquarium, and is an 8-minute walk to the BB&T Pavilion.
Does the RiverLink Ferry run after the show is over?
Yes, the RiverLink Ferry continues running until 30 minutes after the concert. Please note that the lines will be long when a concert is over, and the ferry may have to make multiple trips to accommodate all riders.
Will I be left in Camden?
No, the Ferry will not strand passengers who are in line.
Why don't you have more than one ferry?
DRWC lacks suitable infrastructure to house a second ferry.
Is the RiverLink Ferry ADA accessible?
Yes, the RiverLink Ferry, docks, and ramps are ADA accessible.
Can I bring my bicycle on the Ferry?
Is there a public bathroom on the Ferry?
Where can I park to catch the RiverLink Ferry?
Multiple parking lots and some street parking is available on both side of the river. Details are on the website. 
How much is a round trip ticket?
$7 per person. $6 senior tickets are available. Children 3 and under ride for free.
Can I buy my tickets online? Am I buying tickets for a certain departure time?
Yes, you can buy them online or at the ticket booth. All tickets are general admission and can be used at any point.
Can I bring coolers and chairs on the RiverLink Ferry?
Yes, you can bring coolers and chairs onto the ferry, however, no alcohol may be consumed on the ferry.
Will the RiverLink Ferry be running in September?
Yes, the Ferry will be running on a limited schedule, with service on weekends and during concerts at the BB&T Pavilion.
What about the RiverLink Water Shuttles that I see in Spruce Street Harbor Park?  
The Delaware River Waterfront Corp owns (3) 22-passenger water shuttles. Visitors can take 30 minute non-narrated harbor tours every weekend out of the dock at Spruce Street Harbor Park through Labor Day Weekend.
Can I rent a RiverLink Water Shuttle?
Yes, the RiverLink Water Shuttles can be chartered for events. Please email us at info@drwc.org
I have other questions about the Ferry, who can I talk to?
Please email us at info@drwc.org and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.