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Cherry Street Pier
121 N. Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Cherry Street Pier occupies the former Municipal Pier 9 on the Delaware River, a relic of the city’s industrial heritage built in 1919. After years of vacancy, the building’s 55,000 square feet have been sustainably reborn as a communal thoroughfare hosting merchants, artists, a bar and dining venue, businesess, performance and event space, and an outdoor garden.
The Hub
A casual space for dining and drinking welcomes Philadelphians to an open and accessible setting to meet, share, and celebrate.
The Garage
The Garage offers Philadelphia’s most ambitious artists, creatives, and businesses a collaborative, vibrant, and affordable home to make and invent in studios built from repurposed shipping containers. The garage includes:
  • Original, affordable spaces for local artists, creatives, and businesses to make and invent
  • Housed in repurposed cargo shipping containers nimbly arranged and integrated into the Pier with shared amenity space
  • 14 units ranging from 160 to 480 square feet that can be shared with other artists and rented with flexible lease term.

The Market

The Market is a bazaar-like corridor where local merchants and artisans vend goods and services that support city residents and delight visitors. The Market includes: 
  • Commercial spaces for local makers, brands, and boutiques to vend goods and services
  • Bazaar-like, open-air atmosphere alongside the Pier’s public thoroughfare
  • Approximately 4800 square feet of space, with movable stalls
  • Flexible lease terms (set up for a weekend, a week, or longer) with preference given to those renting space in the Garage

The Platform
As a truly responsive public forum, the Platform is a constantly revolving and adaptable performance venue, art exhibition, recreation area, and event space that is both curated and experienced by the community. The Platform includes: 
  • Revolving space for art installations, small performances, and events
  • Approximately 10,500 square feet of flexible, open, and adaptable to a variety of events and installations
  • Priority given to those renting space in the Garage

The Garden
An open-air garden springs from Cherry Street Pier’s steel trusses to provide a placid and green refuge on the riverbank, complete with a cafe and space for recreation and relaxation.
Cherry Street Pier purposefully introduces a diverse collection of pursuits, activities, and patrons in a formerly unused public space to spur organic collaboration and communal creativity for all of Philadelphia.