Published on October 7 2013
From the creator of the Best of Philly app, The Empty Air, comes a new aural journey featuring the Delaware River Waterfront and the Race Street Pier. Philadelphia musician and sound designer Michael Kiley’s Animina: A Race Street Pier Sound Walk is the second in an original series of location-based compositions to be experienced via a uniquely immersive iPhone app, which can be downloaded at the iTunes store.   

(or “Little Soul”) can be listened to while walking from the beginning of the route (Second and Race Streets) to the end (the length of Race Street Pier) or vice versa. Using existing sounds found along the river, Kiley crafted an original song that explores themes of distance and being drawn to one’s beginnings. Animina was written by Kiley, produced and mixed by Brian McTear, and featuring musicians including Eliza Jones (Buried Beds), Chris Ward (Pattern Is Movement) and David Hartley (War on Drugs).  

As the user moves through the space, the corresponding iPhone app, developed by P'unk Ave, uses GPS tracking technology to guide listeners on an individualized aural journey, with the ultimate goal of rediscovering a connection between the city and its waterfront.

How it works: Download the app from the iTunes store and head to the intersection of Second and Race streets in Old City. To begin your sound walk, simply plug in your headphones, turn on the app and put your phone in your pocket. Head east on Race Street, pass FringeArts’ new building, cross Columbus Boulevard and walk to the end of the Race Street Pier at the pace you choose, while your GPS location triggers different elements of the composition. Each mapping point is assigned to a section of the audio, so that the mobile technology, song and lyrics fit together to allow the music of Animina — itself palindromic — to make sense going forward as well as backward. 


The Rittenhouse Square Sound Walk

The project is supported by a professional development grant from Pew Cultural Center of Arts & Heritage and is a sponsored project of Painted Bride Art Center, with funding provided by the Wyncote Foundation. ASCAP M&MFreeMusic 2013. Animina is presented in partnership with FringeArts.