Saturday Jun 10

SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park
06/10 – 09/23


Aqua Vida’s surfer yogis are back for another sun-soaked summer season at Spruce Street Harbor Park and the Penn's Landing Marina, with new classes, more times, new teachers, and more collaborations with some of Philly’s coolest establishments!

  • Classes run Tuesday - Saturday, time is subject to weather and tidal conditions
  • The 75-minute classes offer a stand up paddle boarding tutorial on land followed by a 60-minute yoga practice
  • Please visit the Aqua Vida website for up-to-date info.


Floating SUP Yoga -- The wildly popular Floating SUP (stand up paddle board) Yoga class will be back with a splash! Catch more bliss with new class times, some of Philly’s most awesome yoga and fitness instructors, more boards and more events!

AquaFLOW™ is a floating SUP Yoga class that takes everything you love about yoga and adds a touch of nature, an added challenge of instability and the bliss of floating on the water. Experience the ultimate way to evolve your practice, improve strength, balance, flexibility and mind/body connection with the healing properties of water.


  • Low-impact ~ perfect active rest day activity
  • A supportive environment for students of all levels
  • Variations and modifications offered to add ease or challenge to each pose
  • Benefits of healing properties of water and connection to nature

Just bring your playfulness and sense of adventure!

Floating HIIT Workout

AquaFIT™, is a 45 minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout on the water, designed for maximum calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. It gives you a low-impact, cross-training, full body workout, plus the added test of balance and stability training of the floating mat.

Think burpees, lunges, squats, dynamic workouts, core ~ pretty much anything you can do in a fitness studio but more effective and fun! Elevate your workout and get more bang for your buck with the stability and balance training of working out on the water with Aqua Vida.

Floating SCULPT - Pilates/Yoga Hybrid

AquaSCULPT™ is an all-levels 45 minute workout on water that combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga.

The added challenge of balance on the floating mat aids in the effectiveness of the class, and allows your core muscles and small balancing muscles to take center stage. The ultimate in elongation and strengthening, with a focus on improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility, all on water!

Full Moon SUP Yoga + Dive Deeper Events

  • July 9: 7pm-9pm
  • August 7:  7pm-9pm
  • September 6:  6pm-8pm
  • Check out our new Studio Seva Night events -  weekly cleanups in partnership with local yoga and fitness studios.


These Studio nights will feature: 

  • a Floating SUP Yoga class 
  • a paddle board cleanup of the harbor
  • the chance to hang out at the waterfront and mingle under the evening summer sky.


Join the movement to experience the evolution of yoga and fitness, cultivating harmony + balance between the Self, each other, and the planet, the Aqua Vida way.

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