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Friday Aug 01

Film Screening… “One: a Story of Love and Equality”

On FIRST FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, the National Liberty Museum will host a film screening of the award-winning documentary, “One: A Story of Love and Equality.” It was produced and directed by filmmaker Becca Roth, who, in the wake of the legalization of gay marriage in her home state of New York, was plagued by the fact that the majority of states in America currently have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. When Ms. Roth learned that residents in North Carolina were gearing up to vote on one of the most restrictive marriage amendments in the country, Amendment One, she and her girlfriend Melina traveled there to try to understand individuals on both sides and start a dialog among those who disagree with each other.

We are delighted that Ms. Roth will be with us for this event. Doors will open for a reception at 5:30 pm; the film will begin at 6:30 pm; and Ms. Roth will lead a Q&A discussion following the film at 7:45 pm. Beer, wine & light refreshments will be served.
  • 275349886994410815 filmscreeningannouncementforphillyfunguide